Teacher Training


  1. Learn methods of teaching foreign languages.
  2. Teaching language skills.
  3. Assess and evaluate the performance of students.
  4. Prepare lessons effectively.
  5. Good communication with students in the classroom.
  6. Providing scientific material interesting and attractive manner.
  7. Build a linguistic bridge to deal with a foreign student.
  8. Activation and participation of students in the classroom
  9. What should begin to teach him and what they should delay it.
  10. Good deal with different types of students.
  11. Dealing with the riots of students in the classroom.
  12. Knowledge of the problems facing the learner Arabic to non-native speakers and how to deal with it.
  13. Training in teaching Arabic as a second language.
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Preparation and training of teachers of the Arabic language to non-native speakers.
Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers needs special preparation to qualify teachers and prepared to do his job to the fullest, so it needs to be recognized by the theories and theoretical knowledge and science to apply them in the positions of his realistic.

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Maddi & Dokki, Nasr City

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Group, Private, Semi-Private

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