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Monday December 18, 2017

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5- Al-Ajroomiyah


Who this course is intended for:

1. Any student who has studied and completed up to level 7 at Fajr Center, according to Fajr center levels.

2. Students from outside Fajr Center must be examined by the management of the Teaching Affairs department.
3. Students are given a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Objective of studying the book:

Knowledge of grammar is from the most noble of sciences, since it is directly related to the Noble Qur'an, And it is well known that the science of grammar was originally established in service of the Qur'an and the religion. Hence, the importance of studying such a book, not to mention studying it for its richness in old grammar, which without a doubt is indispensable.

Why the book "Explanation of Al-Ajroomiyah"?

- Explanation of Al-Ajroomiyah is indispensable to the foreign student of the Arabic language.
- Studying this book is related to the science of grammar, which is one of the most noble sciences.

- It is a science that was established in service of the Qur'an and the religion.

- Explanation of Al-Ajroomiyah will make grammar easy on whosoever Allah wills.

- Studying Al-Ajroomiyah is training for the student on the i'rab of abyat Alfiyah bin Maalik.

- It is indispensable to the serious student of Islamic knowledge.

Program Details:

- Number of levels = 3 levels.

- Number of study hours per level = 40 hours.

- Types of study: Private.

- Number of hours in group course = 3 hours.

- Number of hours in private course (depends on the student's conditions and the availability at  the center, but not less than 3 hours per class).



Conditions for applying (must meet 1 of the following):

- Completion of level 7 in Fajr Center.

- Passing the examination given by the management of the Teaching Affairs department.


120 hours

Available courses

  • Private [1/1/2017]


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