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Monday December 18, 2017

Duty Hours:

8:00am to 4:00pm - Sat to Wed


Why Fajr?

  • Fajr center is accredited by the Eg""&&&"@&)@$@@&@$&@$@&&@yptian ministry of education. With a recognized curriculum and accredited certificates.
  • Studying in Egypt fits into most people's budgets, regarding cost of living and tuition fees. and Fajr center secures a real chance not only to study Arabic but to live it as well.
  • At Fajr Center you will receive quality educational service by an experienced institution equipped with highly skilled and qualified teachers using the latest techniques and most effective curriculum..
  • At Fajr center you enjoy a wide range of programs of studying Arabic language and its related sciences in different types weather advanced or specialized.
  • A variety of studying times. You can select from among morning and evening classes.
  • A flexibility to change the studying times.
  • Several ways of payment (2 checkout, western union, Bank transfers, or in cash).
  • A convenient declared refund policy.
  • A scholarship system and seasonal prizes.
  • Fajr Center's credit hours are recognized and accepted by many Universities and Academies around the world.
  • Fajr Center is the only center offering the opportunity to enter at any level regardless of the number of student composing the group class (even if there was one student per level).
  • Dates and schedules for all offered courses are pre-determined and announced, enabling students to map out a suitable study plan.
  • At Fajr Center, we understand it is important for you to be in a living situation that supports both your study priorities and lifestyle - finding the right accommodation is closely tied to your study success.Securing comfortable, affordable accommodation, in a convenient location with the right people can take time, and the Fajr Center Accommodation Service recommends you begin your search well before your first day at the center.

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