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Saturday November 18, 2017

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Visa Issue

If you can get a tourist visa to Egypt, it is fine. When you arrive and register at our center you will become student and we will help you to extend it after your arrival.


If you need assistance for getting a visa to Egypt we have two kinds of letters that can help you depending on your situation at the Egyptian Embassy.


1- Acceptance or Enrollment letter: "To Whom it may concern”, You have to pay only a $150 deposit, this indicates that the students has registered in one of our course and the center has no objection for him to join the study.



2- Invitation letter: To the Egyptian Embassy in the student country so he can get a Visa, You have to pay the full tuition for the levels you are going to study.

(For at least 6 months = 4 levels in a group class)


When the letter is issued to the students the paid fees become Non Refundable, unless the student gets an official letter from the embassy states that they rejected his visa application.


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